Other Mitsubishi Models - The Grandis

Mitsubishi has primarily focused on two market sectors in past years. The Lancer Evo series and its line of rugged off-roaders. The firm also provided - and still does - a line of people carriers, but by far its other products were way more successful. Now Mitsubishi's new Grandis is stealing the show.

The company has provided viable off-roaders, high performance vehicles, and so the company’s decision to take on the competitive people carrier market seems like the next logical step. Although the Grandis is not the firm’s first try, it is the first one to register on buyer’s radar screens. The Grandis offers Mitsubishi a very competitive edge.

The Grandis is not as tall as the Galaxy but is larger than Scenic. The Grandis boasts a clever folding seat arrangement and loads of style. It will be difficult for even big name competitors to turn their nose up to the Grandis.

The Grandis delivers an enjoyable ride and is a very practical automobile, but what makes the Grandis so competitive and appealing is the car’s exceptional good looks. Many style conscious buyers will opt for the Grandis.

The car’s seven seat capabilities will be appealing to many buyers, and will add practicality to the already desirable vehicle. The Grandis will not sneak by under the radar screen like the previous Mitsubishi models have too easily done.


The Grandis provides good value for money. The petrol engine is not as economical as a diesel engine, but the car comes well equipped as standard, and Mitsubishi has a good reputation for reliability.

The Grandis provides good passenger space. The car provides adequate seating for seven, and when the rear seats aren’t in use they fold down to provide extra cargo carrying capabilities. The car’s middle row of seats can be folded as well making the car even more versatile.

The Grandis' major controls are located high up on the car's centre console. The Grandis' various controls are well thought out, easy to use, and logically located. The car’s controls and displays are functional and practical.

The car delivers a smooth ride and provides supportive seats that have been designed for comfort. The front passengers have plenty of room, and the seats adjust for comfort. Road and engine noise are suppressed, and headroom is good for the middle row of seats but is slightly reduced in the very rear row of seats.

The car’s cabin provides excellent accessibility. Despite the size of the vehicle, it is not difficult to gain access or egress from the car’s cabin. Doors are adequate and most passengers shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

Despite its size, the Grandis is not too difficult to park. Visibility is good all-round, and the car’s steering is light. The only challenging part is learning to judge the length of the car accurately.

Life Style

The Grandis drives similar to an estate car. It delivers a smooth and supple ride. The car’s direct steering allows it to be driven enthusiastically. The Grandis was not designed for performance but the Grandis' petrol engine is very competent. Despite the Mitsubishi’s large size, roll has been kept to a minimum.

The Grandis is an excellent family car with plenty of room and seating for the whole family. The car provides six passenger seats plus the driver's seat.There are several convenient storage areas and cubbyholes. The Grandis' clever third row of seats can face forward, rearward or be folded into the floor.

Due to the car’s size the Grandis would not make a great first car. It is too large for what most first time car buyers or novice drivers need. The car does provide good visibility and is easy to drive, but parking may be challenging for newly licensed drivers.

The Mitsubishi Grandis feels well-built and durable. This will go far with buyers who are looking for a car to transport children and accommodate family related activities. This vehicle may do a lot for the company’s image. If the Grandis’ good looks are enough to get buyers to take notice, the car could easily lure them away from certain competitors.

Security and Safety

The Grandis comes fitted standard with an alarm and an engine immobiliser system. The Grandis is a very attractive vehicle and could easily attract the wrong attention. An aftermarket visual deterrent may be desired as well.

The Grandis comes equipped with twin front airbags and side plus four curtain airbags for the front and middle rows of seats. Other features include anti-lock brakes, EBD and Isofix child seat mounting points.

The Finishing Touches

The Grandis comes with a four-speaker unit complete with single CD player.The other variants gain a separate six-disc CD changer and two additional speakers. Both units produce good sound quality, but the car does not come with steering wheel-mounted controls.

Dark colours hide the car's curves. Lighter metallic colours, are very flattering on the Grandis, and help to keep resale values high. The Grandis' cabin is a mixture of light and dark trim and darker materials. The materials used in the cabin are of a higher quality than what is usually found in a Mitsubishi.


The Grandis is a beautiful MPV that provides a really smooth ride. This is an ideal family vehicle that provides loads of practicality and versatility for family activities.